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busy busy bee!

today was really good :)

school wasn't too bad, it went by kinda slow though. then when i got home i hadda get ready really fast for my job interview at The Club. so i rushed around for a little bit hahhah, and then we left. once we got there we had to wait a little bit but i just talked with melissa. then when Anna was ready for me my mom and melissa went to the bank and post office. the interview went well! i think she liked me, so i hope i get the job, cause it seems like a really nice place with nice people and what my duties would be aren't bad at all. so then i waited outside for my mom and melissa to come back and then we stopped at the Java Room and got some drink- yum! and we went to my pediatrician in westford for my first dosage of the chemo drug. we saw some people from CHS in the waiting room lol. i had Kathy and she's good so i was happy about that. the needle is like really small so i didnt even feel anything besides the sting of the alcohol. then we took melissa home. since we got back i've just been playing with the new kitten. shes so cute. i'm gonna take some pictures of her tomorrow. well thats about it for today.

oh yeah except for that the weather was BEAUTIFUL!!! :)

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