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theoceansr0ar's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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[July 25th 2007 12:22 PM]
[ mood | mellow ]

yay! livejournal is working :) last night i finally had the time and desire to update but, of course, livejournal was down for some reason. it was very upsetting lol

a lot has gone on since i last updated, but somehow it's not really a lot lol. well, my dad/step-mom/brothers are now half way across the world until august 3rd, which sucks cause i miss them. my cousin was supposed to have her gastric bypass and i went and we were all ready and like 12 hours before this really horrible doctor decided to say she can't have it. that was messy, but she's rescheduled for the 10th of august now, so hopefully that works. harry potter came out! :) read it in like 14 hours. it was really good, and i was happy with the closure of the ending, but at the same time it was sad because there will never be another new book. my uncle and his 3 sons are now living here, his wife and daughter still trying to finish selling the house back in CA, which is awesome cause i love them and it's way better having them around all the time now. and i've watch the OC almost everyday lately, cause it's amazing. last night i downloaded a bunch of the music from it. so yeah, it's my new addiction and i love it and ben mc (except that he smokes?) and it makes me feel happy lol. so that's a brief summary of my life lately. i think ill post some icons now :)


[July 2nd 2007 03:00 PM]
[ mood | bouncy ]

hello there!

i'm waiting for my mom to be done at her doctors appointment so we can figure out what we're doing tonight. we're thinking maybe we'll go into boston and eat dinner with olivia, who knows though. i'm sure we'll find something entertaining to do lol. sooo in the meantime im gonna post some icons :)


[July 1st 2007 09:47 PM]
[ mood | lonely ]

Wednesday- Canobie LP didn't work out as planned for multiple reasons lol, so we ended up at Hampton Beach (after getting in a car accident ). i can't really remember going there before so it was fun. they had recently had a sand sculpting competition so those were amazing to see. we just had some food and hung out, walked the strip a little. it was nice. then i slept at Olivia's, we watched the OC and went on a burglary check with Cheryl at like midnight lol.

Thursday- woke up, spent a little time at Olivia's. then my mom picked me up and we went to finally have my glasses fitted. afterwards i had physical therapy, which was the same as always. then i rushed home to pack for my dad's house and made a salad for the car. yum! :) met my dad, headed off to Andreas' play-off game at the field near McKinnon's. It was fun! aside from my brothers and Dad/Janita, Uncle Jim, Uncle John, Uncle Al, and Aunt Donna all came. Andreas did well, but his team lost. they put up a good fight though! 11-14. afterwards we headed home and Uncle Jim came, we had some steak-tips and set off some fireworks in the backyard. by this point we were all tired and went to sleep.

Friday- woke up around 9:30, Dad/Janita went to a furniture sale so the boys and i stayed home. we played together outside for a while, then i took a quick shower. Dad/Janita came back and shortly after Dad went into the office. Janita myself and the boys spent the day out by the pool and whatnot, even though it wasn't very hot. had some fun making up games with Andreas/Frank. Then after my Dad came home from work we decided to give the bunny, Bella, a bath lol. it was interesting. i feel bad for her because she doesn't get much attention, my brothers don't really know what to do with her so my Dad ends up taking care of her, and he's not what you'd call the biggest animal person lol. so yeah we gave her a bath and dried her off and i cleaned out her cage and gave her fresh food and water. i felt good about that. then uncle jim came by the house around 6 and so did Stevie Geyder. Janita made one of my favorite meals: swedish meatballs with curry sauce on top of rice. yum! we all ate dinner in the backyard and talked. around 8:30 i could see Janita watching a movie inside the house so i headed in to join her. it was a VERY bizzare movie. halfway through Stevie left so my Dad joined us and Uncle Jim hung out at the other end of the house with the boys. i felt sick suddenly but it went away after about 2 hours. Janita whipped out some of her European candies. yum! then around 10:30 Uncle Jim decided he was gonna sleep over, so after he ran to the store to buy us all some tickets for the big lottery drawing, we popped in another movie. ahhh the beauty of netflix lol. it was a really cute movie called Carolina. we went to bed around 1 am

Saturday- got up around 10. andreas hadn't gotten out of bed, but Uncle Jim and Kai Leo  were downstairs watching some good old Spongebob. Janita was at the gym, Dad and Frank at his last baseball game. After a little bit we all headed outside, around 11 or so. i cleaned the pool a little, then we all went swimming. around 12 Dad/Frank and Janita all came back. we cooked some food on the grill, hung out. i did some tanning. Dad had to clean out the guest room/garage cause Uncle Timmy and Auntie Nancy are gonna be here with their 4 kids in a few days. it was nice and hott which was refreshing compared to the day before. then Uncle Jim, the boys and I ran to get an ice cream. when we came back Chris was there, hanging out during his break at Loew's. we all went in the pool and were playing around together, it was funny. then we were watching the hawk from the hawknest near the pool try to catch birds to eat lol. afterwards chris headed back to work. it was a nice day :) then around 5 Janita and i headed into the house, both took showers, as did my Dad. i packed up all my stuff and we left around 6. met mom in Woburn, Dad gave me the Justin tickets and some money for my grades. Then mom and i headed back to Chelmsford, picked up Libbs and headed to the mall, just hung out. by 10:30 i was soo tired i thought i was going to cry. Mum took Libbs home, i went to sleep.

today/Sunday- woke up at like 11, and i've barely done anything all day. i've been busy lately so it was nice at first, but lately i've been bored out of my mind. ahh the bitter-sweetness of summer. oh well, it's better than school.

i guess that's it for now



[June 27th 2007 12:45 AM]
[ mood | infuriated ]

blaahhh too much has happened since i last updated to even begin describing it. the majority of it was sucky, but some good things did happen... aka school ending and summer beginning  and my glasses and my newly tanned skin LOL:)

tonight was a pretty bad night, and i don't even know what to say about it. there really isn't a need for any of it, any of the drama or anger or bitchiness. and there is also no need for the bad things that are going to be said about my mother and myself. we're not perfect but we were never anything but kind and now it's all gone to waste because she'll hate us so much that won't even matter, and she won't be grateful for it. and i knew it would be like this, but when it all goes down it's still upsetting, even though i predicted it. i really can't control it because there's no stopping her, but i just wish she would wake up from the world she's in and start treating people correctly, mainly herself.. because if she would treat herself well she would in turn know how to treat others.  it's hard, i'm SO mad and i don't want to be involved with her anymore, as i have felt before, but i don't have the energy to have such an issue with someone, or to add to her issues. although she probably wouldn't care.. she doesn't care about anybody but herself and him and his parents. sometimes i wish i wasn't a decent person, cause i held myself back from saying a lot of things i felt and knew that she wasn't i aware of. but i have never and will never be a person who does things like that. because it gets you nowhere in the end. and frankly, what goes around comes around.

and sorry libby if you read this and think i'm being mean or out of line, but i'm not trying to be. you know how she is, and how she can be about situations and how she makes people feel.

one good thing is that in the past in these situations i would have been a lot more upset and confused. but i've finally learned who i can count on and thats myself and my family and my best friend. and while sometimes they do let me down (and vice versa), what's important is that they apologize and don't walk away and our bonds only grow. so now when others do let me down i know that it's okay, because life goes on and so will my life and i'll be just fine, no matter what :)


new layout, new user pics.. yay! i didn't make this layout but i reworked it a lot and it took forever but i'm happy with it.

*theme song* CANOBIE LAKE PARK! tomorrow!!! THAT ROCKS. i'm excited. psychodrome/big swings/tilt-a-whirl.. get ready for me! (ps it sucks because i got my period tonight and that will somewhat hinder the AMAZING experiences that CLP has to offer.. but i'm glad i got it early enough that it won't get in the way of the 4th of july)

crap. i just realized i never called madame gadbois. oops. that's not good lol!

i wanted to watch a movie tonight but that certainly didn't happen and now i'm sad. and i miss bev hills!!! i haven't watched it in like 3 days. this is definitely a sin. what is life without bev hills? the answer my friend, is NOTHING.

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weather [May 9th 2007 05:57 PM]
[ mood | hot ]

okay seriously, SERIOUSLY is it this hot outside right now? oh my god i think i'm going to pass out.it's 85 degrees, which does not mix will with my room seeing as its upstairs and facing the sun! woo!and tomorrow is supposed to be the same..but WITH THUNDERSTORMS

did i ever tell you hot/muggy weather mixed with rain is the worst weather ever? well now you know.


busy busy bee! [May 4th 2007 06:07 PM]
[ mood | cheerful ]

today was really good :)

school wasn't too bad, it went by kinda slow though. then when i got home i hadda get ready really fast for my job interview at The Club. so i rushed around for a little bit hahhah, and then we left. once we got there we had to wait a little bit but i just talked with melissa. then when Anna was ready for me my mom and melissa went to the bank and post office. the interview went well! i think she liked me, so i hope i get the job, cause it seems like a really nice place with nice people and what my duties would be aren't bad at all. so then i waited outside for my mom and melissa to come back and then we stopped at the Java Room and got some drink- yum! and we went to my pediatrician in westford for my first dosage of the chemo drug. we saw some people from CHS in the waiting room lol. i had Kathy and she's good so i was happy about that. the needle is like really small so i didnt even feel anything besides the sting of the alcohol. then we took melissa home. since we got back i've just been playing with the new kitten. shes so cute. i'm gonna take some pictures of her tomorrow. well thats about it for today.

oh yeah except for that the weather was BEAUTIFUL!!! :)



sundays suck [April 29th 2007 04:05 PM]
[ mood | bouncy ]

let me just tell you that the soapnet is officially my favorite channel for re-running beverly hills 90210 two times a day :) i haven't seen this show anywhere since like 2001. this is fucking great! hahahahaha



long day [April 28th 2007 11:59 PM]
[ mood | happy ]

i woke up pretty early today and had already made plans with my dad by 12. my brother had a baseball game so that had to finish before we could meet. so i got ready and we met at 3:30 and then we went to sports authority bc andreas needed new cleats. i swear to god everyone decided to buy cleats on the same day lol, it was a mess and there weren't many left and there were a million people in the section, but we found some! lol. andreas was like "hey dad, can i get a bag for all my stuff" and my dad was like "what do you think youre a pro?" and andreas goes "yeah".hahahaha it was cute. then we all got a slice of pizza at papa ginos and it took them like 30 minutes just to make 3 slices. so we were just all talking while we waited, and this little girl was having a birthday party so we were watching the little kids.

then we went back home and janita and kai leo were asleep, and frank was sitting there watching the tv with no volume. hahahah crazy kid. so andreas frank and i went outside and played baseball in the backyard cause it was beautiful out. then andreas hit the ball over into the neighbors yard and their yard is like down a cliff so we didnt know how we were gonna get it back. so we were just standing there laughing and like 10 minutes later the ball just comes over the fence. hahhha it was so funny. we had a good time. savannah (the dog) was running around like crazy trying to get the ball. then uncle jim just showed up so that was a nice surprise. after like 40 minutes i went up on the porch with my dad janita and uncle jim and we just chilled. then uncle jim called dom and invited her over cause i hadnt seen her since like christmas, so i was excited. it started to rain so we all hadda go inside and andreas had to watch his ed edd and eddy marathon so he went to the upstairs tv. and after a while he asked me to come sit with him cause he missed me, it was so cute lol. then janita decided we were all gonna head over to bill and nicoles cause it was bill's birthday. so while she got ready i took care of kai leo. we had some cookies and just played. he was being so goofy lol.

then when janita was finally ready we headed over, and it was awkward at first.. i just like stood in the corner lol. but then kai leo came and got me and asked me to sit with him. so we were snuggling on the chair watching peter pan and sophie (his girlfriend.. theyre 3 hahaha) comes up to me and she goes "thats kai leo" and i go "i know.. hes my brother" and she goes "well hes MY boyfriend." lmaoo shes soo funny. she talks better than you could imagine, its hysterical.. she has like full out conversations with you. so she got her blanket and sat with me and kai leo and kai leo was getting mad. he was like "sophie.. this is MY christine" and she kept ignoring him hahahha. and then when the food was ready we all went and ate. there wasn't really a place for me so i just stood there uncomfortably watching everyone eat for a while until janita decided to be nice and ask me what i wanted. and there still wasn't a place for me so my dad made a little table for him and i. we were just eating and talking and all of a sudden chris walked in! i was happy to see him. he was on break from loews and since its down the street he usually comes to my dads but he found us there lol. so he and my dad talked business and i was just listening, it was an interesting conversation lol. and then dom finally showed up, so we hung out in the kitchen for a while. then we were sitting with sophie on the couch and she was like "ugh. i've been sick all day!" hahhaha. then andreas and frank came and got us and we went downstairs to the pool room and played fooseball. i suck at that game. hahahah we lost twice, it was pathetic. while we were playing none of us were paying any attention to kai leo so he kept screaming my name and eventually i look over and hes turned around rubbing his butt to me and he goes "IM BORED" bahahhaha. then dom and i played pool together, and then frank was kidding around and he got inside their tanning bed and kai leo turned it on while he was in there and he flipped out. hahhah it was funny. then we were heading upstairs and andreas was playing in the cat litter?!??! lmao so we made him wash his hands like 5 times. i dont think he knew what it was hahhaha. by that time most everyone was drunk so they decided they were gonna try the cinnamon test. hahahha. then dom myself kai leo my dad janita chris and uncle him were all sitting on the couches and just chilling out for a while, and dom and i decided to get going.

so we went back to my dads house to get my bag and medicine and she wanted to play the wii but we couldnt figure out how to turn it on lol. so then we went back to bill and nicoles to give my dad his keys and say bye to everyone. then we left for lowell, so she could show me her apartment. we just talked and listened to music in the car. once we got there she showed me around, its huge! her room-mates were nice, and her friend ashley came by too. we just hung out for a while and then she and ashley drove me home. it was funny cause they were talking so i would just like make hand motions of where to go and she started making fun of me for it hahahah.

so then she dropped me off and now im here lol. im gonna go watch entourage on dvd and go to bed. night!


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[April 27th 2007 11:30 PM]
[ mood | pleased ]

Sometimes I feel like
I've never been nothing but tired
And I'll be walking
Till the day I expire
Sometimes I lay down
No more can I do
But then I go on again
Because you ask me to

school. then came home and went to the mall with olivia hayles and my mom at like 4 oclock. it was really good. i got a nice like, taupe colored dress and a little peachy pink sweater to go with it, a bathing suit, and a (red) shirt. some other little things too. i had a few exchanges/returns. we had fun lol. and my mom started talking to this little 6 year old girl and they kept talking i was like mom you're gonna get arrested for attemptd kidnapping. lmao my mom is nuts. hayley was soo cute today, she behaved really well too! :) anyhooooo. then i wanted to go see my "boyfriend" at hollywood video but that didn't work out so definitely tomorrow night hahhaha. anyways, my dads back from brussels (and the faroes maybe? i forget) but i haven't talked to him! hmm, wonder what's goin on over there lol. other than that i've just been relaxing



catching up! [April 26th 2007 07:21 PM]
[ mood | mellow ]

But how long will you stay with me, baby?
Because your candle burns too bright
Well I almost forgot it was twilight
Even if I think that you are right
Well I'm tired of being down, I got no fight
You're wonderful
And it's beautiful
But I'm already somebody's baby
And if I went with you
I'd disappoint you too

today was a halfday!! i only had 3 classes and we watched a movie in world history so it was an easy day. i came home and slept for legit like 5 hours. i slept through my physical therapy appointment so thats not good :X hahahaha. andddd i've just been hanging out since then. grey's anatomy tonight. booooooom bitch!

but yeah, woj is down and it sucks! lol



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